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Fishing Reports - July 18, 2018

The Joe is fishing very well for smallmouth. The river is running low and clear and is hovering between 78 and 80 degrees. The fish are looking up and eating poppers even in the middle of the day. Crayfish and streamer patterns are also producing. The nexst two months will be the best smallmouth fishing of the summer.

The pike rivers are also running low and clear and are fishing very well. The cooler nights also have the big fish out hunting. Streamers have been the ticket, but poppers are producing some outrageous eats as well. With the cooler weather in the forecast the pike fishing should stay right on track.

We have a good number of summer run steelhead in the system! Make sure to leave these fish alone when the water is above 70 degrees. The tributaries are staying cold enough, but the main river is far too warm to fish for steelhead. Don't be afraid to fish aggressively with streamers this time of the year! These are the best fighting steelhead you will ever see!