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Available Seminars

Each program is between 45 and 60 minutes long, many contain video clips, and all fit well into the agenda of your monthly club meeting. If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting, take a look at what I have to offer. If you are looking for full-day instruction, I can design something specifically for your club that could include on-the-stream instruction, fly-tying, seminar, or any instruction you feel would fit your members.

Pro It Up Fly Fishing

After over 20 years of guiding fly fishermen, I have learned a thing or two about taking your skills to the next level. This program details all of the little tricks and tips to pro up your fly fishing game. From learning how to land a fish properly, how to save valuable flies from trees, staying warm during the winter, to spey fishing and many more this program is full of information. This is the newest and most informative program I have and have spent the last five years working on it. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran I promise you will learn a ton from this program.

Seasons of the Steelhead

Steelhead can be the most finicky or most aggressive fish in freshwater depending on their mood. This program walks the listener through the four seasons and how we approach steelhead fishing in each. From the gin clear water of the summer run to the high water of the spring run successful steelhead fishing can require a different approach. This program covers everything you need to know to make your steelhead fishing a success no matter what time of the year you are chasing them.

A Year on the St. Joe

It has been said for the fly-fisherman, the St. Joe River is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. This program will unwrap the mystery of what is quite possibly the best steelhead fishery in the United States. This presentation covers the vast angling opportunities the river and its tributaries offer throughout the year. Included are techniques for steelhead, salmon, smallmouth bass, longnose gar, rod/reel selection, fly selection, terminal rigging, and reading the water.

Spey Fishing 101

Spey fishing isn't just a fad. Fads go in and out of style in fishing often. The reason they go out though is that fad techniques typically aren't effective. Spey fishing, for steelhead in particular, is not only effective, but the most effective technique to use during some parts of the year. Many anglers want to learn the technique, but are intimidated. Spey fishing can be confusing until you get a handle on the terms and techniques. This seminar will clear up the confusion and go over all the aspects of this great tool to add to your fishing arsenal. We will discuss gear selection, rigging, reading water, terminal tackle, fly selection, casting, and fly presentation. You will come away with a much greater knowledge and prepared to spey fish confidently for steelhead during any season.

Effective Streamer Fishing for Any Water

With the popularity of streamer fishing on the rise, this is a very timely subject for any club. This program teaches anglers the most effective methods to fish streamers in any type of water from large rivers, like the Muskegon and Yellowstone, to the small stream that runs through your neighborhood. If you want to catch the largest trout in your favorite river, a streamer is your best line of attack. Fly selection, terminal tackle, reading the water, as well as everything else needed to make you a great streamer fisherman is included in this program. My goal with this program is to make streamer addicts of everyone that hears it.

Your Guide to Fly-Fishing Guides

When you pay a guide for his services, you should get more than just a boat and an oarsman. This program is designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your guided trip. A guideā€™s job description is varied; but whether you are catching fish or not, there are things every guide should do to make your day unforgettable. Not only do we cover how to pick the right guide, what to expect from your guide, and what your guide expects from you, but we also answer that age-old question of how to tip your guide. After hearing this program, you should enjoy your guided trip even more whether it be your first or your hundred and first.

Fishing Through the Dog Days of Summer

With so many steelhead, salmon, and trout in the Great Lakes region, many anglers put their fly rods away when the dog days of summer approach. With this approach, anglers miss out on some of the most exciting and productive fishing of the year. Smallmouth bass are without a doubt one of the most exciting fish for the fly fisher to chase. To keep anglers busy between the salmon and steelhead runs, pike and gar fishing is a great filler for those big fish addicts who need to hear their drags screaming and see their backing every once in a while. Lastly, the farm ponds of the Midwest filled with bluegill and bass can offer some of the most productive fishing of the year. This program discusses timing, equipment, flies, and techniques to keep you fishing all summer long.

Pike on the Fly

The increase in popularity of warm-water fly fishing is something that is long overdue. One of my favorite "other species" is without a doubt the pike. There is no take in freshwater that comes close to the way a pike smashes a fly. This program walks listeners through the details of equipment selection, reading the water, casting techniques, and fly selection. After hearing this program, you will be armed with a wealth of information to go out and chase pike in your favorite river system.